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Presentation of the book by Enrico Maria Radaelli.

Aurea Domus Editions, Milan 14-4-2023.
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, in-8° format, pp. 58.
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Illustrated here is what is is believed to be
the main reason of the preagonal situation, very serious,
almost extreme, of today’s Church (and the world).
It is followed by the suggestion of the only possible path to take
in order to get out of it as soon as possible, with God’s help.

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Aurea Domus - Metaphysics and Catholic theologyNever in its two thousand year history has the Church found itself in the desperate, one might say agonizing, state in which it finds itself today. It is therefore absolutely necessary to identify the reasons as soon as possible: only a solid diagnosis can help to identify the right treatment. Solid diagnosis and correct treatment found in the fifty-five pages of this extraordinary book to be read, whose importance today is inversely proportional to its very small size.

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Aurea Domus - Metaphysics and Catholic theologyDIAGNOSIS: the Author explains to us that, by that very great and fine pedagogue who is the good God, the Church has been abandoned by God to itself for sixty years, so that we can clearly see what happens to it if it does not follow the commandments of God, given that with the Second Vatican Council it explicitly decided to keep its teachings, for the first time in two thousand years of ecumenical councils opened or directed by a Pope, at the simple and non-binding level of teaching called "pastoral", thus not by committing the divine infallibility and indefectibility which would have forced it to stick solely to the pure and holy truth, but with this perverse choice and decidedly contrary to the sacramental nature of the Church, in the persons of its Popes and the large majority of her Bishops, decided to abandon God without telling anyone, that is, without confessing it even to herself, and therefore chose to loosen the only bond that truly binds her to God, as God himself reminds us five times, p. e.g. when he says: «If you love me, you will keep my commandments» (Jn 14,15), and his commandments are his teachings, collected in the absolutely immutable doctrine that man has the obligation to follow if he wants to save himself.
Aurea Domus - Metaphysics and Catholic theologyJohn XXIII and Paul VI, by taking the serious decision not to bind the conciliar teachings to the dogmatic level, ensured the freedom, so sinfully extorted, to teach and propagate modernist notions and doctrines, that is, compromised by the principles and opinions of that atheist liberal world , anti-Catholic and immoral which since the French Revolution has increasingly permeated the West, surrounding the Church ever more closely and indeed infiltrating it at every level, poisoning it with the serious heresy of modernism.
Aurea Domus - Metaphysics and Catholic theologyGod does not force man’s freedom, and if the Church, starting with its Popes and in its largest majority, chooses to loosen the constraints that would ensure its truthful solidity, He allows this to happen, allowing it to even almost reach to its extreme consequences, that is, almost to its death, and death by asphyxiation, because the truth is the oxygen of the Church and its lack is therefore the loss of oxygen, reserving only to save it in extremis, as he guaranteed us twice , and today, reserving only one Bishop out of more than five thousand three hundred and sixty, I say one, but that is enough to maintain the continuity of the apostolic faith, almost with a miracle, then making two others flourish over the years with two other miracles of true heroism, for put an end to the punishment and bring the reckless, foolish and seriously sinful "young light and wandering she-camel" of the Church back onto the straight, solid and safe path of His invariable commandments.
Aurea Domus - Metaphysics and Catholic theologyFrom this perspective, the book focuses on what, if on the one hand it is the most obvious result of the Church’s deviation from God, at the same time it is precisely the primary cause of God’s indignation towards His Church, let’s talk about the intrinsic and grave guilt of the Novus Ordo Missæ, which is the act most seriously implicated in the aforementioned detachment of the Magisterium from the required dogmatic purity.
Aurea Domus - Metaphysics and Catholic theologyThe guilt of the NOM is due to the desired and studied attenuation of the primarily sacrificial and therefore essentially vertical character of the Mass, which makes it an ascending and then descending motion of the spirit, in mystical adherence to the sacrificial motion of Christ, a character substantially evaporated in a horizontal flattening of a "Lord’s Supper" aimed at a sentimental communion between men, even if given by a primordial communion with God, where however the cause has been lost: the vertical motion given by the previous holocaust sacrifice of Jesus Christ to God the Father.

Aurea Domus - Metaphysics and Catholic theologyCURE: the diagnosis made - "intrinsic and serious guilt of the Novus Ordo Missæ" -, a diagnosis never made by anyone until now, perhaps because it would have implied too serious consequences and even Cardinals like Bacci and Ottaviani were unable to admit, in their Brief critical examination of the Novus Ordo Missæ, that a holy act like the Mass could be elaborated in a liturgy which, not responding as it should to strictly mandatory principles, would also have made it objectively sinful, and in these pages the reason for this intrinsic possibility is instead explained with great care , which has actually become a dramatic reality today, and a reality that therefore needs to be corrected as soon as possible.
Aurea Domus - Metaphysics and Catholic theologyHere’s how: first of all with a temporary and personal care, so as to help the more experienced celebrants to overcome at least temporarily the difficulties they will certainly have with their modernist Superiors, finding in the Novus Ordo Missæ itself the holy expedient to celebrate according to his columns, thus not displeasing the Superiors, but without displeasing God either, which is the only thing that really counts; then also noted is the excellent relief that Monsignor Viganò organized by establishing an Association, the Exsurge Domine, where priests who find themselves in more difficulty can find refuge.
Aurea Domus - Metaphysics and Catholic theologyIn addition to this, to illustrate how all the care should be taken, in the final pages of the book there is also an illustration of what still today undoubtedly appears to be the only path that can be undertaken, however impervious and which can be all evidently achieved only with the help of God - God who, however, not by chance, being an interventionist, redeeming and liberating God, calls himself "God of hosts" -, so that the Church can free itself from the doctrinal and liturgical meshes in which her own wretched Pastors have imprisoned her and thus return to celebrating the only holy liturgy that can be welcomed benevolently by God, who instituted it for this reason, so as to return to saving souls as it should be, which is the The only task that the Church has.

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