Christ wins.

Lost. Devastated. Almost suicide.
This is the Western Civilization today.
Unless it goes back to God.
And to God would return, first of all,
His church.

The latest book by Enrico Maria Radaelli.


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Purchasing information

All’attacco! Cristo vince – 136 pagine in pro manuscripto, Edizioni Aurea Domus, Milano 2019, copie numerate a mano, formato in 8-gr – è disponibile nelle librerie Àncora (Milano e Roma), Coletti (Roma), Hoepli (Milano) e S. Paolo (Milano), oppure può essere direttamente all'Autore.

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Subject of the Book

Western civilization is in crisis, dramatically close to moral and material suicide. It is because in the first place it is in a deep religious crisis.

In fact its crisis arises from the Church, which since more than fifty years has abandoned and distorted its announcement of God, cloaking even to herself what Radaelli calls her Great Escape from reality: in truth, a “runaway” from Dogma.

The only thing to do is to once more lock the Antichrist in the Katechon of Dogma, through an extraordinary pronouncement ex cathedræ urged to this “almost heretic” Pope by all of us who in Christ love truth and life, His truth and His life.

As Radaelli clearly illustrates in Charge!, it is precisely the “Ordeal”, or “Doctrinal Judgment of God” on the heretical nature of a doctrine, the formidable weapon with which the Church must fight back, defending herself from the ideological falsification in which she has fallen, so to bring herself and civilization – her flock – back to the splendor that the supreme Glory of God deserves to receive, from her and from all her flock: splendor of meaning, morality, eternal life.

From the back cover

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The Author

L'autore, Enrico Maria Radaelli

Enrico Maria Radaelli, professor of Philosophy of aesthetics and director of the Department of Aesthetics of the international Association "Sensus Communis" (Rome), collaborated for three years with the Chair of Philosophy of knowledge (section Aesthetic knowledge) of the Pontifical Lateran University. He is the sole curator of Romano Amerio's Opera omnia for the publisher Lindau, Turin.
Among his books, today all in Aurea Domus edition: THE CHURCH UPSIDE DOWN (2018), STREET THEOLOGY (2019) and AT THE HEARTH OF RATZINGER. AT THE HEART OF THE WORLD. (2017).

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